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Take A Healthy Smile Into The New Year | Dr. Seth McDuffie

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It won’t be long before we are celebrating the beginning of a new year, and given how this year has been so far, we suspect many people are looking forward to a fresh start.

Nevertheless, there is still time to address some things before we say goodbye to 2020. Our team at Boyette Dental also wants to help you end the year with a healthy smile. To help make that happen, we welcome and encourage you to schedule a dental cleaning and exam at our Riverview, FL office soon. Call now to plan your visit if you haven’t already done so.

An Ongoing Concern

You know that in order to keep your car or truck running well, you need to maintain it. That starts with simple steps like refilling it with gas, changing the oil, and rotating the tires. Every now and then, however, you need to do something bigger, like replacing worn-out brakes or getting new tires.

As important as vehicles are for most of us, your oral health is even more important to your everyday life. If you think of your teeth as tools to help you break down and digest food, then you understand you need to be proactive about maintaining them if you want them to last.

The American Dental Association has recommendations about what kind of maintenance is needed. This starts with your daily routine. The ADA suggests brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time. This removes plaque and food particles from much of the surface of your teeth. Likewise, the ADA advises everyone to floss daily. This is necessary to prevent plaque buildup and to remove food particles that may be caught between your teeth or near your gumline.

A few times each year, you also should schedule a checkup with dental professionals. We can remove plaque you may have missed and any tartar (plaque that has hardened) that may have developed. We also notice signs of gum infections and tooth decay, so you can take care of them before you need more invasive treatments.

Keep Your Smile & Your Benefits

Patients who are fortunate to have dental insurance have an added incentive to schedule a dental cleaning before the year ends. Many policies encouraging preventive care and include covering all or much of the cost of routine checkups. However, dental plans also tend to run for a limited time (typically a calendar year), which means you may be missing out on a key benefit you’ve been paying for if you don’t make an appointment. (Disclaimer: Be sure to check your individual policy for details on what is covered and what the time frame is for your plan.)

If you don’t have dental insurance, we offer a variety of payment options. This includes our in-house membership plans. These plans give you a simple way to manage the cost of preventive care.

Maintain Your Oral Health

We want to help you protect your healthy smile for many years to come, including the one that is just months away. Call Boyette Dental today to schedule an appointment in Riverview, FL.


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